Monday, 29 October 2012

It Ain't Over 001: Till The Anorexic Barfs

New Wave, Dark 80's, Post-Punk, Electronica, Obscurica...
You get the idea.
Alternative Eighties.

182MB, 79 min
Password: ontheshelf


Pw said...

hey man! I have a question, Do you have the password for this album,g/Sweet-75-Sweet-75.html?

The Link source brought me to your blog.

Help me there please, thats a very valuable album for some people here in Venezuela, and is very hard to find.

Btw, im going to download your mix to hear that! And later i will let you my impresions!

Thanks a lot! Peace and take care!

Gvalley said...

Hi, sorry, I don't post full albums anymore.

Nightmare Wolf No 74 said...

Thanks for the excellent mix, turning me on to all sorts of good stuff.

Your work is appreciated - Cheers!

Gvalley said...

Thanks much, Nightmare Wolf. More coming soon I hope!