Sunday, 28 December 2014

Nostalgic Much 004

Pull out your headband and rock on with your bad self. 

192MB, 83 min 
Password: ontheshelf

Monday, 1 December 2014

Hurva 003 (Here Comes The Sun)

In the '90s I was a resident DJ at a weird club in Haifa, Israel, that played mainstream music, slightly on the alternative side, for (at its peak) about 1,200 drunk lunatics per evening. It wasn't all bad. Sometimes, when we were in a good mood, and the crowd was good, we'd keep it going until sunrise and occasionally well beyond.
Those were our best evenings. The people who'd remain were the faithful, the really big fans of the place. By then it didn't matter what music we'd play, but around sunrise I'd usually play one of a few sun-related songs... like the one closing this mix.
I edited most tracks in this mix, for length, usually quite drastically, but pretty well this time.

207MB, 92 min
Password: ontheshelf